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Hot Sale 🎉 Black Head, Acne, Pimple Removal Vacuum Machine

Hot Sale 🎉 Black Head, Acne, Pimple Removal Vacuum Machine

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Working method: vacuum suction

Battery capacity: 200MAH

Product rated power: 3.7V/2.5W

Product charging power: 5V/1A

Charging method: Micro USB charging.

The vacuum suction device can improve the dirt in the outer epidermis and pores, make the pores finer, and make the skin ruddy, delicate, even and smooth.

Equipped with multiple plastic suction heads, the suction holes are different in size, and there will be different strengths and effects when used. Different skin conditions and different skin problems need to be improved, please choose different working tips.

Microcrystalline suction head: Made of mineral microcrystalline diamond particles, it also has an adsorption function, which can suck out the excess cutin on the skin and the dirt that blocks the pores, so that the damaged epidermal cutin, rough blemishes will fall off, and the dead skin will be avoided. many.

We are a company with 10 years of experience in Blackhead Remover Pore Vacuum sales. Our goal is to improve the Clean performance of Blackhead Remover and keep pace with all the latest technological advances. We are committed to improving your experience, which makes us different. The professional after-sales team will solve the problem effectively for you, please don’t worry!

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